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Spendenprojekt in Uganda - Aktuelles

Das Geld ist Ende November in Uganda angekommen und wurde unter den Lehrern des Transitory Homes und des Motherhouses verteilt.

Hier ein paar Nachrichten von den Menschen vor Ort. 

Hintergrundsinformationen finden sie hier.

Aktuelle Situation vor Ort
Aktuelle Situation in Uganda_Covid.pdf
PDF-Dokument [518.2 KB]

We are the students of motherhouse. 

Thank you teachers, parents and the children of Aischbachschule for the support. 


(Motherhouse (24.11.2020)

Today  I have received the money from Florence (secretary in the Transitory Home). Thank you so much and thank every one on that organisation. We really so happy. God bless your  hands  and we thank God  to get friends like you.


(Imelda mit Familie, Lehrerin des Transitory Home, 24.11.2020)

Thanks o much for the love and support you've towards us people at St. Cecilia Transitory home. We shall always remember you in our prayers.

Mwebale nnyo!! (Luganda: Vielen Dank)


(Katoo, Lehrer des Transitory Homes, 25.11.2020)

I and my my family we  take this opportunity to thank you for  the support in this corona situation. Send our sincere thanks and greetings to your principal, parents, students and all those who contributed.

I managed to buy the following as you would see the receipt.
Cooking oil, maize flour, rice, sugar, salt , matchbox, bar soap.

On top of that I repaired my phone   and transport.

Cash received.                                                     
Thank you so much.

Florence and my parents.

(Florence, Secretary of Transitory Home, 30.11.2020)

Guten Morgen

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you first and everyone who helped us. We thank you so much.
I got the money last Thursday around mid day. I bought some  of the things yesterday to use. I will be using the money slowly.
I tried to record different videos yesterday for items I had bought so far but it was not easy as you watch that video I sent to you.
Otherwise we are very happy because of you.
Greeting to everyone.


(Joseph, Lehrer, 30.11.2020)



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